Ernie Page

Chief Engineer
Modeling Simulation Experimentation and Analysis Division
The MITRE Corporation
7515 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA 22102

Tel: 703.983.6790
Email: epage put-the-magic-sign-here

A simulation study of a traffic intersection in Blacksburg VA during my senior year at Virginia Tech introduced me to the topic that would become my career long pursuit. After completing my Masters and Ph.D. work in the areas of model design and distributed execution, I joined MITRE in 1995 inspired by the work of Dr. Lisa Sokol on the Moving Time Window (MTW) protocol, Jeff Opper and Dr. Bill Niedringhaus in parallel ModSAF, and the Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol (ALSP) project led by Judith Dahmann and Dr. Richard Weatherly

Captain of the 2017 Maloney Cup Champs

Background My research interests
1983-1994 Virginia Tech, BS, MS, Ph.D. (Comp. Sci.)
1993 Radford University, Instructor
1995-2001 MITRE, Technical Staff
2001-2004 Abstraction and Associates, President
2004-present   MITRE, Recidivist Technical Staff
  • Modeling methodologies
  • Simulation languages
  • Immersive environments
  • Parallel and distributed systems

What I'm working on at MITRE What I'm doing for the simulation community
Serving as founder and director of the Simulation Experimentation and Analytics Lab (SEAL)

Supporting the hardworking publishers of M&S texts at Springer.

Exploring opportunities in grid-enabled computing through the MITRE Goal-Directed Simulation Framework (MEG).

Wrapping up a very fun and successful 50th anniversary Winter Simulation Conference

Serving on a few journal editorial boards...
Serving on the ACM SIGSIM advisory board

More professional Stuff... When I'm not at work you can find me...

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